Pre-conference masterclass

Let’s Celebrate 20 Years of Enneagram Europe!

Enneagram Europe, an IEA-accredited school, hosts a pre-conference masterclass about the EnneaFlow Transformative Processmodel.

JUNE 5 & 6 2024


Welcome to Enneagram Europe

You’ve landed on a rather special corner of the internet. Our digital home is currently under a bit of a facelift.

But fret not, by June 1, 2024, you’ll discover all there is to know about our uniquely different approach and methodology with the enneagram, as practiced in Europe, following the tradition of Pythagoras, Gurdjieff, and other Great Masters. This goes well beyond the mere psychological model with its 9 personality structures.


EnneaFlow Transformative Processmodel

Join us for a rare 2-Day opportunity to firsthand experience the groundbreaking “EnneaFlow Transformative Processmodel’ as described in Jeanette’s book ‘Coaching and Counselling to the Point’. Dive deep into the transformative tradition of the European masters.

Guess what? This isn’t just another workshop on the nine types; it’s a journey through the nine phases that every complete process undergoes, according to Gurdjieff.

Pure, simple and oh so powerful!

We hope to welcome you on the 5th & 6th of June!

Jeanette van Stijn

JUNE 5 & 6


Who should attend?

Certified as an Enneagram Professional? Not necessary. Everybody is invited! What is needed is a curiosity about truly transformative work, a hunger for the real ancient wisdoms hidden in the enneagram that go far beyond merely the 9 types, and for a pure, simple, powerful method. If this applies to you, then you are in the right place in this Masterclass!


Masterclass details


June 5 & 6, 2024

The welcoming first day starts at 09.30 PM.


Monastery De Beukenhof

Capucijnenstraat 46
5074 PJ Biezenmortel
The Netherlands

What’s included?

*Excl. 21% VAT (Dutch participants)

Reserve your spot before March 31 and receive a €150 discount!


Discover the book yourself!

This work radically differs from the purely psychological approach of the 9 enneagram types; it’s the book you’ve been searching for to work with your clients using the enneagram in a purely practical and effective manner. This is a true reference book, filled with exercises and tasks for each of the 9 types.

Book reviews

Listen to what they say about our book right here.

This book breaks new ground and will become the definitive reference book for coaches and counselors who want to use the enneagram in their practice.

Peter O’Hanrahan

Core Faculty Member of the Narrative Enneagram

This is an excellent addition to the literature about the enneagram, combining the psychology and the spiritual and exploring at depth the opportunity for transformational change. A must for all those working one to one with clients.


Enneagram Coach

For practicing professionals this is the go-to, best, and most comprehensive resource to date for combining and integrating all three aspects of the Enneagram: psychological, spiritual, and somatic.

Enneagram Coach

Enneagram Teacher and Coach


Jeanette van Stijn

Jeanette was among the first in Europe to teach the celebrated Enneagram Professional Training Program by Helen Palmer and David Daniels as a Licensed Affiliate. This year, she celebrates the 20th anniversary of Enneagram Europe.

Over the past 20 years, Jeanette has primarily focused on training coaches, counselors, and therapists, providing them with tailored development work for their clients using the enneagram.

Jeanette has authored several bestselling Dutch titles on the enneagram and its professional applications for coaches, counselors, and therapists. These titles will soon all be available in English.

In addition, Jeanette dedicates herself daily to exploring and studying the roots of enneagram work, tracing back to the teachings of Wise Masters such as Zarathustra, Pythagoras, Ramon Llull, Gurdjieff, and many others. She integrates their teachings into her practice, finding them as relevant for today’s transformative work as they were 2000 years ago.